Hi friends, hope you did not forget about us! We are playing a crazy fun show coming up at Palmers in MPLS. Swing on by and hang with us if you are looking to party!!!
Our buds over at UnderCurrentMPLS shot a video of a brand new song of ours at the Triple Rock a couple months back...Check it our below!

7/7/17 @ Big V's w/ Fighter Hayabusa, The Anchor Windlass, Dingus
1/6/17@ Eagles Club w/ Anchor Windless
10/26/16 @ Nomad World Pub w/ Luthern Heat and TYTE JEFF 
4/27/16 @ Eagles / LIVE FOREVER CASSETTE RELEASE SHOW!w/ Hollow Boys, Mrs. and Leach
2/18/16 @ The Riverboat w/ Waveless, Universel and Royal Brat 
2/13/16 @ Grumpy's Downton w/ Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band 
11/19/15 @ Triple Rock w/ Apocalypse Meow, Braver and Pink Tower
10/1/15 @ 7th St. Entry w/ Hyperslob and Les Deux Magots
5/1/15 @ Cocoon Room ( Milwaukee, WI) w/ Seven Costanza and Monotaur
5/2/15 @ Cafe Berlin (Columbia, MO) w/ New Tongues, Little Big Bags and Rip-Rap
4/30/15 @ Hexagon w/ Dingus, we/ours and Drones
3/8/15 @ Triple Rock Social Clubw/ Swimsuit Area, Les Deux Magots, The Chinchees
2/24/15 @ Kitty Cat Klub w/ We/Ours, Hollow Boys and Nature Shows
2/13/15 @ Pork Ave w/ MR. DAD (Minot), KITTEN FOREVER and JUNK BOMB
1/24/15 @ The Seward Cafe w/ Chokecherry, Whiskey Jeff and Up the Mountain
10/6/14 @ Grumpy's Downtown w/ Hallow Boys

9/1/14 @ Pork Ave w/ PRINCE (from Austin TX), MOON COMMAND and BRAIN CAVES
7/22/14 @ Triple Rock Social Club w/ Nallo, Wolf Mountain and Spur Yields
6/19/14 @ The Hex w/ Nato Coles & the BDB, Chokecherry, Babe Quest andThe Ravagers (MD)
10/31/13 @ the Hexagon w/ Strange Relations, Fury Things and Sister Sister
10/14/13 @ Memory Lanes w/ Braver, Dingus and B. Arthur
9/26/13 @ The Nomad w/ Tyler Haag and the Bar, Rapedoor and Rafters
9/1/13 @ 7th St. Entry W/ Bleeding Rainbow (from Philly ) and Strange Relations
8/24/13 @ The 331 w/ Sundowners, McKeon Roberts, B. Arthur
7/27/13 - in Northfeild, MN @ The Contented Cow
w/ The Cutters and Wisconsintration Camp
7/26/13 - Wheeler, WI @ Beer Fest w/ to many bands to count!
5/18/13 @ Perplexed Fest w/ Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band, Frozen Teens, Braver, Sundowners, Miami Dolphins ,Teenage Moods, Arms Aloft, The Manix, Apocalypse Meow!, Dentist, Ogre Smash Death Boom, Lutheran Heat, Burger Thirst
5/6/13 @ Memory Lanes w/ The Buzzers, Sundowners, Colleen Green (from LA)
2/ 21/13 @ The Hexagon w/ The Hasbeen, Discord Syndicate, These Unknow
2/9/13 @ Grumpy's w/ Nato Coles and the BDB, Sundowners
1/22/13 @ Turf Club w/ Pony Trash, Magic Castles
1/27th/13 @ Palmer's w/ Gospel Gossip, Places We Slept (Omaha), Dads (Omaha), Velveteens
1/8/13 @ Seward Cafe w/The Vroom Vroom Champs, Cool Dog, Miami Dolphins, Hard Feelings
11/24/12 @ Hell's Kitchen w/ The Anchor Windless, Braver and Sex Sounds
11/17/12 @ The Nomad w/Sleep Tight, Strait A's, Apocalypse Meow
11/8/12 @ Triple Rock w/The Intelligence, The Birthday Suits
10/6/12 @ The Plex w/Lenguas Largas ( from Tucson, AZ ), Purple Seven (from Indiana ), B.Arthur, Dentist9 /1/12 @ The Hexagon Bar w/ Teenage Stranglers, The Sex Rays, Brother Nature
6/29/12@ The Hexagon Bar w/ Nato Coles and the BDB, The Midwest Beat (WI) and Ogre Smash Death Boom
6/21/12 @ The Hexagon Bar w/Serenghetto, The Funeral and the Twilight and Cadette
6/17/12 @ The Turf Club w/K-Holes ( from NYC ), Pony Trash
6/14/12 @ The Hoosier Tub w/SOURPATCH ( from San Jose CA. ), Mean Mug, Braver
6/3/12 @ Club Med w/ Midstress (from IL ) , Robots Counterfeiting Money ( from IL )
5/31/12 @ The Turf Club w/ Mystery Train, The Sights (from Detroit) and Rat Catcher
5/11/12@ The Hexagon Bar w/Teenage Stranglers, Don't ( from Portland..ex Wipers! ) and Leather Sweater
4/24/12@ The Hexagon Bar w/Tramps Like Us, 28 Degrees Taurus ( from Boston ) and Nightfruit ( from Cambridge )
3/26/12 @ Memory Lanes w/ Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band and Infected ( from KY )
3/9/12 @ House of Lard w/ Serenghetto, Prom Queef, Les Deux Magots
2/24/12 @ Big V's w/ The New Suns, Brother Nature and The Liverspots